Great Expectation details:

Great expectation is a tool for validating, documenting and profiling our data to maintain data quality and improve communication between teams and also facilitates easy debugging in case of failures.

It asserts what you expect when you load and transform data, Expectation basically a unit test for…

It is a method of enhancing the visual quality of image and also extracting useful information from it. This field is strongly correlated with signal processing.


  1. Enhancing the quality of image for human perception like noise filtering, deblurring , contrast enhancement , remote sensing cameras ( satellite imaging, city planning…

Although Gradient Boosting Algorithm proves itself worthy in various Classification and Regression task, but it is still a black-box to many people(myself) , so lets break it,

In this blog spot, I assume you have knowledge of Ensemble learning, boosting and gradient descent.

Gradient boosting algorithm is an ensemble learning algorithm. It is based on strong theoretical concept of sequentially combining weak predictor to build strong predictor. Here, predictor can be any machine learning algorithm like SVM…

Before we understand about machine learning, let’s discuss why do we need this and why everyone is talking about it.

Right from when first computer was invented, we are continuously trying to mimic the capability of human brain by writing various computer program and logic. …

SVM is one of the most popular, versatile supervised machine learning algorithm. It is used for both classification and regression task.But in this thread we will talk about classification task. It is usually preferred for medium and small sized data-set.

The main objective of SVM is to find the optimal…

Machine learning | Deep Learning | Reinforcement Learning | Probability

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